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Binance explained for beginners 2022

Binance explained for beginners-

Assalamu Alaikum, the post that I will discuss today is about the front page of Binance Exchange, this front page mainly shows the important service tools of Binance. This post is mainly for newbies and those who want to work.

Binance is an online exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It supports most traded cryptocurrencies. Binance provides a crypto wallet for traders to store their electronic money and many other functions as well.

Those who have not yet created an account can easily create a Binance account by clicking on this link –

Create New Binance Account ……

Refer ID – 37134388

Binance is good for beginners

Binance is the perfect exchange for experienced investors who can do advanced trading and do a lot of analysis to back up their strategic decisions. New users will have a little trouble learning at first, but once you learn to trade it will become easy.
This is one of the best crypto exchanges in the world.

Front Page Binance-

It is not very important to know everything about this front page, but many people want to know, that’s why this post is written.

We will mainly discuss the main topics of this site such as-

1. Account creation
2. Market
3. Trade
4. Spot trade
5. P2P Trade
6. Deposit
7. Withdraw
8. Wallet

There are many types of trading options on this site, so we do not trade on all sites, there are many trades that are forbidden in Islam and very risky.

That’s why we will not do any trade to become a big man overnight, we will work where the risk is low and the profit is small, inshallah.

Binance explained for beginners 2022

Binance explained for beginners 2022

You may have understood what today’s discussion will be by looking at the picture above, so below is the discussion about Binance front page.

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The profile option basically contains some basic information like – name, registration information and there are other options in the sidebar at the bottom left side, task center, reward center etc.

 2. Searchbar –

You can easily find the various service options of Binance by searching here.

 3. Ad Banner –

In this banner option different types of offers and different companies advertise their coins.

4.1 Bar Code-

This option is when we browse or login from mobile to laptop or computer, we use this barcode like-

1. I will search by typing in the search bar on any internet browser on the computer.
2. Click on the login option.
3. On the right side of the login option will be the Barcode option.
4. When the barcode will show, you have to search with this barcode of the mobile.
5. Then an email notification will appear on the mobile, if you click on the email, it will open on the desktop. thank you

Binance explained for beginners login

Binance explained for beginners login

Check the following links to improve your knowledge-

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4.2 Chat –

This option is where you can chat with them live if you have any problem.

4.3 Notifications –

This option provides different types of notifications related to your account by Binance Company.

4.4 Binance Pay –

We get various services from the Pay option like – flexi or top up on mobile phone etc.

5. Announcements –

Binance Company makes announcements on various topics.

6.1 Deposit –

Deposits are made from here with the currencies of different countries, but not all countries support its currency.

6.2 Referral –

This option shows how many referrers you have and how much money you are getting from each referrer.
Here you will also get the referral link and referral code.

6.3 Strategy –

Here you can trade in strategy method but here things are better not to trade complicated.

6.4 Earn –

Here you will get many options to earn, but there is no need to work here without understanding it well.

7. P2P –

This option is very popular, those working in Binance must know this option well because from now on, money is cashed by buying and selling.

8. Buy –

Now you can buy coins with different currencies.

9. Deposit –

With this option you can deposit money through various channels like Master Card, Bank.

10.1 Favorites –

In this option only the coins you have marked with star will show at the top and only your favorite coins will be shown.

10.2 Hot –

Hot here means those coins that have their own blog chain and have the highest level in the world.

10.3 Gainers –

Here only daily best or highest traded coins are shown serially.

10.4 Loser –

Coins with the lowest daily transactions or the most down are seen here.

10.5 24 Volume –

Shows a total amount of money traded in a coin daily.

11.1 Home –

Any site or app has a home page, its important services are shown on the first page.

11.2 Market –

In this option you can see all the coins or tokens available in this Binance Exchange. This option is very important because from here you have to know or view various information about the coins.

11.3 Trade –

We must know something about trade, this is the main option from here trading with different coins for more details collect the video full package. Video full package

11.3 Futures Trade –

This option is similar to trade options, here futures are traded, the most risky and risky option, no one trades here.

11.4 Wallet –

This option is when you deposit money whether it is in Pitupi or through the bank, the money will show in this wallet option.


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