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How do you mobile top up from Binance?

How do you mobile top up from Binance?

What is Binance Mobile Top Up (Flexiload) ?

Mobile top up-
Top up recharge or flexiload is a type of prepaid recharge which is top up recharge or flexiload from a virtual account of money when your mobile money or internet balance runs out. Eg – Bkash, Rocket etc .
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Binance Mobile Top Up-
Binance Mobile Top Up is similar to sim development or cash account, when you run out of money or internet on your mobile, you can top up recharge or flexiload from Binance.

Mobile Top Up

Mobile Top Up

Who can use Binance Mobile Topup?

Binance Mobile Topup is available to all registered and account verified users on To start using Binance Mobile Topup, please create a new account on and complete your identity verification.

How to do this now?

Log into the Binance app on your mobile and click on the Pay option from Finance. I have shown the next steps below through the image, please note those steps carefully.
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For example –

Below are the rules for Top Up (Flexiload)

Step – 1
First create a binance new account and get verified. Then login to the app and click on under home button.

Binance home button

Binance home button

Step – 2
Then login to the app and click on under home button.
 Open Binance Apps

Open Binance Apps

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After clicking on more button another new service window will appear then scroll down and click on pay button.
Binance pay

Binance pay

Then after clicking on pay button then click on mobile top up button.
Binance mobile topup batton

Binance mobile topup batton

Then select country code or country name.
Country Select

Country Select

Then give the mobile number or click on the icon on the right side of the mobile and attach the mobile number.
Mobile number attach

Mobile number attach

Then select the amount of money to top up or recharge from below or select more amount by clicking on More button.
Money attach

Money attach for top up

Then click on Continue button if everything is OK.
Continue click

Continue click

Then click on the Don button.
Done button click

Done button click

This is the process to top up or recharge money from Binance to mobile. Thanks everyone.

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