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Build your life in the light of Quran Hadith and start earning money online from your own home inshallah.


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about us

about us.

Filehouse24 originally started in 2014 with basic web-design work. 

In this blog-post of mine, I have not only posted information about earning money online from my experience but also posted some religious topics in the light of Quran Hadith, which will bring many changes in your life, Inshallah.

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In this blog-post I have posted some information from my experience on how to make financial profit from online and some religious issues in the light of Quranic Hadith.

What is P2P trade on binance 2023

By author / 20 Dec 2022
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P2P trade logo on binance

What is P2P trade on binance? Binance P2P Trade Binance P2P Trade is a peer to peer marketplace where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Binance users using your local (Fiat) currency (KD or Taka). For example- Mamun ordered to sell dollars for local currency (KD or Taka) from Masud now Masud will buy dollars with local currency (KD or Taka). Now the main point is, while buying masud dollar first you need to pay KD or Taka through bank or any wallet and inform him by message or skinshort that money or KD has been paid, then mamun… Read More »What is P2P trade on binance 2023

How do you mobile top up from Binance?

By author / 15 Dec 2022
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Binance topup logo

How do you mobile top up from Binance? What is Binance Mobile Top Up (Flexiload) ? Mobile top up- Top up recharge or flexiload is a type of prepaid recharge which is top up recharge or flexiload from a virtual account of money when your mobile money or internet balance runs out. Eg – Bkash, Rocket etc . Create new account on binance……….. Binance Mobile Top Up- Binance Mobile Top Up is similar to sim development or cash account, when you run out of money or internet on your mobile, you can top up recharge or flexiload from Binance. Who… Read More »How do you mobile top up from Binance?

Type of Computer Bus

By author / 02 Dec 2022
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Computer bus

Computer Busses Type of computer bus- What is computer bus? Inside computers, there area unit several internal parts. so as for these parts to speak with one another, they create use of wires that area unit called a ‘bus’. A bus could be a common pathway through that data flows from one computer part to a different. This pathway is employed for communication functions and it’s established between 2 or additional computer parts. we have a tendency to area unit reaching to check totally different computer bus architectures that area unit found in computers. Functions of Buses in Computers- Summary… Read More »Type of Computer Bus

What is SEO and how does it works | filehouse24

By author / 24 Nov 2022
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Can I SEO my own website, What are the 4 types of SEO, How do I get started with SEO, How do I get started with SEO for beginners, What are keywords for SEO, What is SEO and how does it works|filehouse24, What is SEO, Table of Contents SEO, image seo, Post article seo, How to get google adsense by doing easy SEO, How can do I increase SEO traffic, What is the most popular SEO, What are the benefits of table of contents,

What is SEO and how does it works | filehouse24- How to get google adsense by doing easy SEO– Assalamu Alaikum, today I will tell you how to get your website or block site to the first page of Google by doing general SEO on the website and get Google AdSense very quickly. I just try how you can easily and quickly succeed in website SEO. And to share the rules of solving the problems that have to be faced while doing these tasks. Create Account Binance ……. Today I will present to you how you as a new web… Read More »What is SEO and how does it works | filehouse24

What is HTML5 and how does it work | 2022

By author / 11 Nov 2022
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HTML logo filehouse24

What is HTML5 and how does it work 2023 – This post -Knowing HTML first is essential- for those who are just starting out. HTML is the foundation of web design with which web pages are created. To become a skilled web designer or web developer one must have good knowledge of HTML and CSS. Now the question may be that without HTML you can create beautiful web pages by using Microsoft Frontpage, Adobe Dreamweaver, Webpage Maker, WordPress, Joomla, Constant Contact Builder, Gator Builder, Site Builder etc, then is HTML necessary? The requirement is that without knowing HTML one cannot… Read More »What is HTML5 and how does it work | 2022

How do I make a successful Fiverr profile 2022

By author / 01 Nov 2022
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make a successful Fiverr profile

Fiverr Profile Settings – Having a fiver account is not the end of the job, profile setting is extremely important to present your gig and work experience to buyers or buyers or to get a job in a short period of time. For that the profile setting should be arranged very well. Below I have arranged it according to me, you can arrange it better if you can. After creating fiver account some settings have to be done like – One of the best platforms to earn online is fiver. So create a new account today – Profile Settings –… Read More »How do I make a successful Fiverr profile 2022

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Web Design

Filehouse-24 is that the best web-design and development web site in Bangladesh. we've ten years of valid expertise, done several native and international comes with success round the world.


Domain Hosting

While you can get the highest quality full domain hosting from us that you can afford, many of us get cheated by buying cheap domain hosting. We tend to source domains from international quality providers like Namechip.


Graphics Design

We make it very easy we train people about different graphic designs, we train through Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Art Cam (CNC Machin), AI design etc on videos and organizations .


Outsourcing/ Crypto

We 1st tutored them differing kinds of work, creating them deserve earning cash. like cryptocurrency, graphics, SEO, web-development, video writing. we've got given you the chance to earn cash with 100% guarantee within the exchange money changer. Already several members ar creating cash on crypto.

Pricing Table.

I have tried to set prices in line with current market prices.



.com Domain:  1350tk  750/- only! -(বেস্ট ডোমেইন)

.net/.org Domain: 1200Tk

.info Domain: 620Tk

.xyz Domain: 180Tk –(বাজেট ফ্রেন্ডলি ডোমেইন)

Secure Platform

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Yearly plans:(regular hosting)

“Super-1” Pack- 1150Tk

“Super-2” Pack- 1950Tk- (সাশ্রয়ী প্যাক)

“Super-3” Pack– 2950Tk

“Super-4” Pack– 4350Tk

Secure Platform

Fast & Reliable

9AM- 9PM Customer Support

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Here are just brief introductions of all my skilled members.

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Crypto Leader

Md Abul Bashar


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