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Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of your information is very important to us. We have some basic privacy policies –

  • When you comment on a blog post on our website, but we want some information, we implement various measures to protect that information so that you are not harmed.
  • When you provide some information to create a website such as – personal information, media upload, file upload, etc. We also take necessary steps to protect your valuable information.
  • We will keep your information as long as we need it. Then I will delete the information according to your opinion.
  • Money Transfer Main and Communication – If you want to make some transactions from us or you have made some money with your site, we may collect information to process this money transaction and contact you. If you have purchased something from us such as a custom domain, premium theme, plugin etc. in all these cases you will need to provide your bank or credit card information, your personal past information.

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