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Terms & Condition

Terms & Condition-

Assalamu Alaikum, you can earn money by working online in many ways, but the things we work on here and earn money, how can you work with us and earn a good relationship with us, our conditions are good. Read carefully. Because we don’t want you to get into trouble working with us.


Help and Support-

We support our customers through WhatsApp and Gmail.

If a student faces technical problems while working, then we have to give screenshots, so we have to support them on Gmail and WhatsApp.

However, we generally do not deal with, and do not support, any content that is socially disruptive, violates government laws, is copyrighted, illegal, or controversial.


Online Income-

Online income or freelancing is a completely legitimate way to earn money.

We do not teach activities that are hypocritical and illegal like (watching videos, one click, online betting etc.)

To work with us you need to have the patience to work.

But if you can learn the work well or with attention, then you will be able to earn within 15-20 days Inshallah.

We are not responsible if a hacker takes money from your account or freezes your account.
The online world is full of risk so you have to work with risk.

Work with the admin-

If you think you will earn by working with the admin then you will get 40% of the profit and if there is any loss then you have to bear the burden of the loss.


Course Video-
We provide videos for students to facilitate their work and learning, but these videos need to be purchased from us and we provide some free videos.


Income Guarantee-
But we all have to accept that the owner of sustenance is Allah Ta’ala, but we have to try, we have to do things according to the guidelines. Then it will be possible to earn.

We do not guarantee that you will become a millionaire or millionaire in one day or overnight.

If you follow our advice you can earn 20-25% per month.


About Service-
Humans are fallible, so there is no guarantee that any business or organization will last forever. Admin reserves the right to suspend or modify the Service for any reason. However, as long as I am alive and the institution exists, I will provide all services and support, inshallah.

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