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filehouse24.com – Launched

Launched in 02/01/ 2016, filehouse24 allows many of people to discover,
watch and share originally-created Design.filehouse24.com provides a forum for
people to connect, inform, and inspire .distribution platform for original
content creators and advertisers large and small.

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  1. AnnSon says:

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    I saw you walking around my apartament. And I like what I see ;). Should we meet? See my pictures here:


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    Let me know if you are into it

    – Anna

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  3. Aneta Arthur says:


    My son born January 5th 2020 requires a serious head surgery due to the fusion of the cranial suture (craniosynostosis). I cannot afford to pay for the series of costly medical expenses. We only have 6 weeks to get everything organized before he undergoes the surgery. I have no other option but to ask you to help me help my son. We are gathering the funds through a verified charity:


    Thank you for your support. Aneta.

  4. SarahPam says:


    Im looking for investor for my email marketing business.
    I own 270 million email database with 92% valid emails. Im looking for investor who invest in server infrastructure to send it. Im planning to run infrastructure to send like 10 million emails per day on daily basis, and increase every week by add more servers.
    Potential earnings are $100-$200 depend on country per million sended messages
    I have knowledge about email marketing and team which is needed to handle whitelisting.

    Investment: $2000 on first run, after you see results you can invest more.
    You control all investment, all servers, software will be with your access.

    If you are interested about partnership please send email on:

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