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about us

about us.

Filehouse24 originally started in 2014 with basic web-design work. 

In this blog-post of mine, I have not only posted information about earning money online from my experience but also posted some religious topics in the light of Quran Hadith, which will bring many changes in your life, Inshallah.

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In this blog-post I have posted some information from my experience on how to make financial profit from online and some religious issues in the light of Quranic Hadith.

How can do best create gig on Fiverr 2022

By author / 30 Oct 2022
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best create gig on Fiverr

How can do best create gig on Fiverr- What is gig – The gig is to present a summary of the topic that you will work on in the fiber account to the market or to the buyers. Gigs are made to showcase one’s talent or experience in front of buyers. As well as a means of collecting and providing information necessary for the work of buyers. For example, I can do web design, graphics design, data entry, etc., how can buyers or buyers know about these works, if there is no method, will buyers or buyers know my experience?… Read More »How can do best create gig on Fiverr 2022

Spot Trade on Binance Limit, Stop limit, OCO

By author / 19 Oct 2022
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Spot Trade in Binance Limit, Stop limit, OCO 2022

Spot Trade on Binance Limit, Stop limit, OCO- OCO ( One Cancels the Other) :-  Assalamu Alaikum, people are used to learning in different ways, some learn by watching, some learn by reading, some learn by hearing, some learn by being in danger, I don’t know how you will take this education. No matter how you learn, it will be useful if you learn well. There are many options to trade on Binance Crypto Exchange, but we usually do spot trades, it’s legal and takes no risk. There are other trades that are like betting and like banks that earn… Read More »Spot Trade on Binance Limit, Stop limit, OCO

Binance explained for beginners 2022

By author / 17 Oct 2022
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Binance explained for beginners 2022

Binance explained for beginners- Assalamu Alaikum, the post that I will discuss today is about the front page of Binance Exchange, this front page mainly shows the important service tools of Binance. This post is mainly for newbies and those who want to work. Binance is an online exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It supports most traded cryptocurrencies. Binance provides a crypto wallet for traders to store their electronic money and many other functions as well. Those who have not yet created an account can easily create a Binance account by clicking on this link – Create New Binance… Read More »Binance explained for beginners 2022

How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Order on Binance | Bangla

By author / 16 Feb 2022
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How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Order on Binance |

How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Order on Binance- What is Stop Loss? A stop loss is a predetermined strategy for exiting a trade. How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Order on Binance Why stop loss and take profit? A stop-loss (SL) method is to pre-determine the price of a trade, eg if I buy a coin for $10, set it slightly below the current price ($10 stop loss $9). $stops are set as closing trades to limit losses. Conversely, a take-profit (TP) method is a pre-set price where the trader auto-closes after entering a profitable… Read More »How to Place Stop Loss and Take Profit Order on Binance | Bangla

What is Computer Hardware | filehouse24

By author / 06 Jan 2022
Posted in ,
Hardware Computer

What is Computer Hardware ? A computing device or computer can usually be divided into two parts. These are external hardware and emotional instruction software. Computer hardware or computer hardware is those parts of the computer that can be touched and seen, such as: – monitor, mouse, casing, motherboard, ROM, CD, DVD, etc. Computer Components A personal computer is made up of different types of components. It then installs operating system (system software) and installs various practical instructions or application software as per user requirements. What are the types of computer hardware? Computer hardware is generally of three types:- Output… Read More »What is Computer Hardware | filehouse24

What is motherboard how does a work

By author / 05 Jan 2022
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What is motherboard how does a motherboard work | bangla

What is motherboard how does a work- What is a motherboard? The motherboard is the backbone of the computer that holds the hardware components of the computer together and allows them to communicate with each other. Without it, none of the computer’s components, such as the CPU, GPU or hard drive, can interact. The performance of the motherboard is of immense importance for a computer to function well. The most important part of a computer is the motherboard. This motherboard is connected to different types of components such as RAM, hard disk, power supply, CMOS battery, processor, and many different… Read More »What is motherboard how does a work

Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions

By author / 05 Jan 2022
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Computer Ports

Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions:- What is the meaning of computer port- The main function of a computer port is to act as a link to the connection, where wires can be plugged from peripherals and allow data to flow from one device to another device. A computer port is also called as a Communication Port as it is responsible for communication between the computer and its peripheral device. Generally, the female end of the connector is referred to as a port and it usually sits on the motherboard. In Computers, communication ports can be divided into two… Read More »Types of Computer Ports and Their Functions

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Filehouse-24 is that the best web-design and development web site in Bangladesh. we've ten years of valid expertise, done several native and international comes with success round the world.


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While you can get the highest quality full domain hosting from us that you can afford, many of us get cheated by buying cheap domain hosting. We tend to source domains from international quality providers like Namechip.


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We make it very easy we train people about different graphic designs, we train through Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Art Cam (CNC Machin), AI design etc on videos and organizations .


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We 1st tutored them differing kinds of work, creating them deserve earning cash. like cryptocurrency, graphics, SEO, web-development, video writing. we've got given you the chance to earn cash with 100% guarantee within the exchange money changer. Already several members ar creating cash on crypto.

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Secure Platform

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