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LEARN FROM HOME Quran Hadith & earn money online

Build your life in the light of Quran Hadith and start earning money online from your own home inshallah.


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about us

about us.

Filehouse24 originally started in 2014 with basic web-design work. 

In this blog-post of mine, I have not only posted information about earning money online from my experience but also posted some religious topics in the light of Quran Hadith, which will bring many changes in your life, Inshallah.

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In this blog-post I have posted some information from my experience on how to make financial profit from online and some religious issues in the light of Quranic Hadith.

What is the menu bar in Photoshop 2022

By author / 01 Jun 2019
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Where is the menu bar in Photoshop 2023 – Names of different parts of Photoshop which we need while working in Photoshop-  For the convenience of working in Photoshop, its various versions are constantly being made more useful in its various parts. For the convenience of the user, these parts are arranged in a specific layout. photoshop menu Title bar- The title bar is located at the top of the Adobe Photoshop screen, that is, the title bar containing the document name with the word Adobe Photoshop is called the title bar. Its function is to hold the name of… Read More »What is the menu bar in Photoshop 2022

Our services.

We perceive your demand and supply quality works.

Web Design

Filehouse-24 is that the best web-design and development web site in Bangladesh. we've ten years of valid expertise, done several native and international comes with success round the world.


Domain Hosting

While you can get the highest quality full domain hosting from us that you can afford, many of us get cheated by buying cheap domain hosting. We tend to source domains from international quality providers like Namechip.


Graphics Design

We make it very easy we train people about different graphic designs, we train through Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Art Cam (CNC Machin), AI design etc on videos and organizations .


Outsourcing/ Crypto

We 1st tutored them differing kinds of work, creating them deserve earning cash. like cryptocurrency, graphics, SEO, web-development, video writing. we've got given you the chance to earn cash with 100% guarantee within the exchange money changer. Already several members ar creating cash on crypto.

Pricing Table.

I have tried to set prices in line with current market prices.



.com Domain:  1350tk  750/- only! -(বেস্ট ডোমেইন)

.net/.org Domain: 1200Tk

.info Domain: 620Tk

.xyz Domain: 180Tk –(বাজেট ফ্রেন্ডলি ডোমেইন)

Secure Platform

Fast & Reliable

9AM - 9PM Customer Support


Yearly plans:(regular hosting)

“Super-1” Pack- 1150Tk

“Super-2” Pack- 1950Tk- (সাশ্রয়ী প্যাক)

“Super-3” Pack– 2950Tk

“Super-4” Pack– 4350Tk

Secure Platform

Fast & Reliable

9AM- 9PM Customer Support

Our team

Here are just brief introductions of all my skilled members.

Md Abu Raihan

Founder & CEO

Md Asif Mahmud Rafi

AI Designer

Md Salman

Crypto Leader

Md Abul Bashar


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About us

Filehouse24 A trusted organization.

Where to find us

Mymensingh, Bangladesh

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