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How do you make curve text on Photoshop

How do you make Curve Text in Photoshop 2022-

Curve text –

When you are making a banner or poster or any other design work in Photoshop, you need to bend some writing or text, Photoshop allows us to do this bending work in different ways.

Some methods are better than others, depending on how you use it and the curvature you want to give your text, and here I’ll show you three different ways to curve text in Photoshop so you can choose the one that suits your design.

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There are three ways text can be curved in Photoshop

Three Method –

  1.  Elips Tools
  2.  Pen Tools.
  3.  Wrap Text Tools.
Curve Text Filehouse24
                                   Curve Text Filehouse24

First, I will install and open the Photoshop CC 17 software. Then with a new layer, I will write a text on that layer, then I will bend the text in different ways,
each step of this work is given in detail in this video. Hope everyone can do the job very easily. –

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Elips tools –

  1. Use Elips Tools
  2. Write Text
  3. Color Select
  4. Text on Path Cursor
  5. FIle Click then Save

The design work is basically not good by looking at the text, you have to watch the video, I have a video here, take a look.

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New window Elips

Elips tools

Pen Tools-

  1. Select Pen tools.
  2. Write Text.
  3. Text on path cursor.
  4. File click then save.
Pen tools

Pen tools

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Wrap Tools-

  1. Select Text tools and write.
  2. Select Wrap Tools.
  3. Select Style Wrap tools
  4. Bend Size.
  5. ok
Wrap tools

Wrap tools


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