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Windows 7 Installation Guide Step by Step

How to Install Windows 7 on a Computer or Laptop-

Install Windows 7 –

Installing Windows is a simple matter for everyone .You can install Windows in a very short time.Now I will show you every step of installing Windows so follow them well. So let’s see………..

First of all I say that you will find the video below to install Windows 7 so you can watch the video and then you can install Windows better.

What you need for install windows -7 ?

  1. Windows installation media. this might be associate degree installation .ISO or videodisk
  2. USB flash drive with a minimum of 4GB free area. This drive are going to be formatted, therefore ensure it does not have any vital files on that.
  3. Technician laptop – Windows laptop that you’re going to use to format the USB flash drive
  4. Destination laptop – A laptop that you’re going to install Windows on

Install now windows 10 step by step –

System Requrements –

Before installing Windows, your computer must meet certain conditions that the computer configuration must have:

1.  Gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) Processor.

2.  Gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit).

3. 50 GB Available Hard Disk Drive space (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit).

 A short guide to installing Windows –

  1. First step boot the operating system software.
  2. Then do your computer shut down.
  3. then start the your computer & continue the press esc or delete button on your keyboard .
  4. then any key show computer display and press keyboard any key.
  5. Select preferred language and click Next.
  6. In the following window, hit Install now.
  7. Accept the license terms.
  8. Select the installation type.
  9. Specify, where exactly you want to install Windows. …
  10. The installation wizard will copy required files to the computer and launch the installation.

Now I will start booting Windows –

Computer automatic booting is not done with some commands. So I will now insert into a DVD disc or USB pen drive computer, then turn off the computer.

Then when restarting I have to press the keyboard’s F2 + Delete Container, then select the USB or DVD first boot menu when the boot menu comes up, then the second boot menu will show the hard disk, then click Save & Exit.

Bios Boot Setup

Bios Boot Setup

1. BIOS Booting Setup

The start of the install –

If the booting is successful, the computer will start automatically, then it will ask to press any key, then I will press any key on the keyboard – then Windows will start loading.

Windows Loading press any key

Windows Loading press any key

Press any key &Windows Loading

Language Setting Option –

  • Then select the language I like, then click on the Next button below to do it.

Language setting

Language setting

Language Setting

Download now –

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Install Now & License Terms Condition –

Then the step is to click Install Now, then click on the Term and Condition check box and click on the Next button.

Install Now & License Terms Condition

Install Now & License Terms Condition

Which type of Installation do you want?

There are two options, one running Windows can be updated on the Internet, the other is to be installed step by step and install Windows.Now I will install step by step windows on the computer, before installing I have to backup the previous files from the computer, otherwise the files will be deleted.

only the drive on which I will install Windows.The Save of the drive’s files will not be deleted. Now I click on Custom Advance to install Windows 7.

Install type

Installation Type

Where do you want to Windows Install ?

Now I can see that this computer has a drive but many computers have four or five drives, in which case if there is a drive, then it needs to be partitioned. You need to create a new drive and install Windows on that C drive, Then click on the Next button.

Hard Drive Partition

Hard Drive Partition

System Installation –

Then install automatic windows, wait 20-30 minutes, copy the files first, install and then update and restart.

System Install Start

System Install Start

User Setting (Type Computer Name) –

The next step is to name the computer user, give the computer a name here, then give the Windows activation key, if you can not give the key then activate with the software, I have Windows activation software on this site by downloading it from here. Can do it-

User Setting

User Setting

Windows Protect and Improve Automatic –

Then click on the Recommended settings and take the next steps –


Recommended Setting

Time & Date Setting –

The next step is to set the time zone and Time & Date

Time and Date

Time and Date Setting

Network Setting –

Now you can choose one of the network types

Network Setup

Network Setup

Finishing the Windows Installation –

Then you have to prepare the desktop for complete installation and work

Finish Install

Finish Windows Install

Note: You will have to activate within 6 months of installing Windows, you will find details on how to activate and download in the links below.

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